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Continuing Columbus’s Community Pharmacy Tradition

Columbus Exterior

Honoring the past while moving pharmacy forward

Forward Pharmacy opened our Columbus location on the corner of Main and Ludington in May of 2019.

At Forward Pharmacy we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge patient services with a community pharmacy feel. 

Our goal is to promote community health, and wellness in a friendly and accessible manner.  We offer free home delivery, short wait times, a full range of vaccination services, med boxes and med packaging, and easy access to the people who are filling your prescriptions. 

Forward Pharmacy is proud to continue the tradition of a family-owned, local business providing healthcare in Columbus, Wisconsin.

Did you know?

Our historic building has been home to local pharmacies since its construction in the mid 1800s. That means Columbus, Wisconsin has had a downtown community pharmacy for nearly as long as Wisconsin has been a state!

This space also housed the first greeting card shop in Columbus, Wisconsin! Not only is Forward Pharmacy proud to continue on the tradition of a family-owned, local pharmacy, but also keeping the corner of Main and Ludington as Columbus’s destination for gifts and cards.